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We provide this platform to welcome every vocabulary SIG members to share your comments, ideas with others who are interested in vocabulary related studies. Please feel free to leave your feedback here under the title of ‘Members Activities’. 


7 thoughts on “Members activities

  1. Csaba Z Szabo

    Every now and again I come across some of my colleagues (mainly from other disciplines) telling me how important online platforms/forums have become to their research as they can communicate almost real-time, disseminate their own research and network in a dynamic and often challenging environment. Maybe I was just not looking widely enough, but I’ve sadly realised that apart from conferences/seminars and newsletters there is no such platform for Vocabulary Studies.

    I am not sure how many of you use Mendeley (completely free referencing tool, unlike EndNote), however if you do please join the new Vocabulary Studies group. It allows you to upload your own/other relevant research and share it with the other group members. It also has a forum, where you can ask questions, share conference calls etc. I firmly believe that such environments can benefit anyone from professors to students.

    Although I’ve created the group, I’d like everyone to think of it as our own.

    You can find the group on this link:

    #Please note, there is no commercial interest in the group and I have no connection with Mendeley or any of its partners#

    In case you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


  2. Neslihan O. Ozdemir

    Hi All,

    I am recently intrested in vocabulary in ESP. Hope to meet you in the BAAL-The Vocabulary Studies SIG Group meetings and conferences in the following year.

    Best wishes,


    1. baalvocabsig Post author

      Hi Neslihan,

      Thanks for your interest in the BAAL Vocabulary SIG. If you would like to be member of the Vocabulary SIG, please send your name, email address and affiliation to our email address listed on our website. It would be free to become the SIG member, but for having any events discount, you will have to be member of the BAAL, hope this information is helpful for you. Looking forward to see you in the future conference.



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