1. Our programme slots are 30 minutes long, with 20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for questions.  Please strict to the allocated time to make sure no delay for the next delegate.

2. Delegates are kindly requested to upload their power point presentation prior to their talks and during the breaks. The PC and screen will be provided in the conference room.

3. All attendees of the conference will be eligible to have a year subscription of the Text Inspector webpage for free.


1. The Poster Boards will be located in the foyer.  A2 or A3 size is recommended for both landscape and portrait posters.

2. Presenters are requested to set up their posters on Thursday July 2nd, before 13.00 the programme starts, leave them for the duration of the conference, and remove them at the end.

3. Presenters are requested to be present at the poster during one of the POSTER SESSIONS on the Conference programme.

4. A prize of £60 in book tokens will be given to the best poster presented at the conference. All the delegates of the conference will judge the posters and determine who the winner should be.





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