BAAL Vocabulary SIG 2018

Provisional conference Programme


 UCL Institute of Education

Monday 9th July

Time Event Location
12.00-12.45 Registration Level 3 Entrance area
12.45-13.00 Opening Nunn Hall
13.00-13.30 Talk 1

Vocabulary development from reading under error-free and trial-and-error treatments (Irina Elgort, Victoria University of Wellington)


Nunn Hall
13.30-14.00 Talk 2

(S) Tests assist adults’ learning of new meanings for familiar L1 words from stories (Rachael C Hulme & Jennifer M Rodd, UCL)


Nunn Hall
14.00-14.30 Talk 3

(S) In search of native-like selections in L3 English: The role of learning context (Victoria Zaytseva, Imma Miralpeix and Carmen Pérez-Vidal, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


Nunn Hall
14.30-15.45 Posters and Coffee Break


1.    Where does it all come from? A bibliometric analysis of some early work in vocabulary research (Paul Meara, Swansea University)

2.    The Influence of L1 on the Processing of English Collocations in Tamil-English Bilingual Children (Roopa Leonard, University of Reading)

3.    The role of vocabulary learning strategies in lexical progression in Pakistani ESL context (Nuzhat Jafari, University of Bedfordshire)

4.    L2 Incidental Vocabulary Learning through Different Modes of Input (Hassan Alshumrani, University of Southampton)

5.    Lexical improvement at CLIL setting: teaching methods or just exposure? (Irene Castellano, Ana Piquer-Píriz and Rafael Alejo González, University of Extremadura)

6.    Comparing letter and thematic prompt to Estimate Productive Vocabulary Size in a Foreign Language (Shadan Roghani, Swansea University)

7.    Measuring Vocabulary Size in Multiple Languages (Csaba Szabo, University of Nottingham Malasya Campus)

8.    Unobtrusive input enhancement and incidental learning of multi-word units. A pilot study with Chinese learners of Italian L2 (Ilaria Borro, University of Portsmouth)

9.     Making the most of cognate words to improve the lexical competence of adult learners of English (Maria Lorena Colombo Lopez, UNED)

Drama Studio
15.45-16.15 Talk 4

(S) Exploring the Effects of Spoken Pushed-Output Activities on Learning Polysemous Single-Word Verbs and Multiword Verbs (Hana Almutairi, UCL Institute of Education)


Nunn Hall
16.15-16.45 Talk 5

(S) Effects of Input-based and Output-based Tasks on Vocabulary Learning (Phuong-Thao Duong, KU Leuven)


Nunn Hall
16.45-17.15 Talk 6

Examining the phraseological development of EFL learners – a longitudinal study (Pawel Szudarski, University of Nottingham)


Nunn Hall
17.15-17.30 Break (group picture)  
17.30-18.30 Plenary talk 1


Victoria Murphy, University of Oxford

Vocabulary knowledge in linguistically diverse pupils:  Beyond the single word”


Nunn Hall
19.30 Conference Dinner Poppadom Express

Tuesday 10th July

Time Event Location
9.00-9.30 Talk 7

(S) The effect of input modality on incidental EFL vocabulary learning: viewing vs. non-viewing in listening-while-reading mode (Souheyla Ghebghoub, University of York)


Nunn Hall
9.30-10.00 Talk 8

(S) The effects of narrow viewing on second language vocabulary learning over time (Isabeau Fievez, KU Leuven Kulak)


Nunn Hall
10.00-10.30 Talk 9

Effects of different patterns of exposure to multimodal lexical input in vocabulary teaching to learners with dyslexia (Gloria Capelli, Universita di Pisa)


Nunn Hall
10.30-11.00 Talk 10

(S) The Effect of Meaning Presentation Mode on the Acquisition and Decay of Vocabulary Knowledge (Sam Barclay, UCL Institute of Education & Nottingham Trent University)


Nunn Hall
11.00-11.45 Coffee Break Nunn Hall
11.45-12.00 Talk 11

A Knowledge-based List of Vocabulary (LORKOV): A Progress Report on Test Development and Internet Data Collection (Norbert Schmitt, University of Nottingham)


Nunn Hall
12.00-12.30 Talk 12

Lexical development in English school children’s writing from six to sixteen (Phil Durrant, University of Exeter)


Nunn Hall
12.30-13.00 Talk 13

Lexical Retrieving Strategies in the L2 Writing Process: A Think-Aloud Protocol Study (Muhammad M. M. Abdel Latif, Cairo University)


Nunn Hall
13.00-13.15 Preparation for Poster session  
13.15-14.30 Lunch Break and Posters


1.    The C-test as Vocabulary Test (Colin Campbell, Michael Daller, Karin Whiteside, University of Reading)

2.    A Comparative Study of Vocabulary Depth in L2 Mental Lexicon in Chinese ESL Learners (Xu Ge, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

3.    Exploring the relationship between language contact and vocabulary and oral fluency development: A comparison of Chinese master’s students studying abroad and at home (Zoe Handley, University of York)

4.    Tracking changes in vocabulary acquisition during short-term Study Abroad (SA) (Tom Caton, Nakamura University)

5.    Effects of Home Language on the Productive Vocabulary size and Non-verbal intelligence of Bilingual children (Zehra Ongun, University of Reading)

6.    Explaining second language listening comprehension: A study of adult Chinese learners of English (Yun Wang, University of Reading)

7.    A corpus analysis of collocations in Vietnamese EFL learners’ writing (Duy Van Vu, Vietnam National University, Hanoi)


Room 780


14.30-15.00 Talk 14

(S) Effects of lexical frequency on the processing of relative sentences in L2 italian (Gabriele Luoni, Swansea University)


Nunn Hall
15.00-15.30 Talk 15

The Role of Intralexical and Interlexical Factors on the Knowledge of Vocabulary Components (Beatriz Gonzalez Fernandez, University of Nottingham)


Nunn Hall
15.30-16.00 Talk 16

The importance of vocabulary in predicting PTE Academic scores (Theodosia Demetriou, University of Nicosia, Cyprus)


Nunn Hall
16.00-16.30 – Votes for best poster and best presentation

– Election

Nunn Hall
16.30-17.30. Plenary talk 2


Pauline Forster, St Mary’s University

The role of collocational bonds in the evolution, acquisition and teaching of vocabulary


Nunn Hall
17.30 Announcement of winners and Closing Remarks Nunn Hall