Vocabulary SIG documents

Constitution of BAAL Vocabulary studies SIG

27th October 2015 Approved by BAAL Committee

  1. Aims

The Vocabulary studies Special Interest Group (Vocab SIG) is operating under the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL), and it aims:

  • To bring together researchers conducting Vocabulary studies both in the UK and abroad.
  • To explore a range of past and current work, to identify key issues, to discuss future directions and to engage in methodologically and theoretically well-tuned debate.
  • To support new researchers who are developing work in the field of Vocabulary research.
  1. Activity

Vocab SIG holds an academic meeting approximately twice a year (an early summer seminar and an autumn track at the BAAL Annual Meeting). Although one theme may be foregrounded, each meeting seeks to include some variation in its focus, and issues arising can be developed at a subsequent event. Vocab SIG maintains a website (https://baalvocabsig.wordpress.com/), a mailing list, and an email discussion account (baalvocabsig@hotmail.com).

  1. Membership

Vocab SIG welcomes all researchers with an interest in vocabulary studies, and will consider all those on its mailing list as Vocab SIG members. Non-BAAL members who attend Vocab SIG events will pay the Vocab SIG a registration fee higher than BAAL members but the individual in question does not thereby become a BAAL member. SIG members are encouraged to take out individual membership of BAAL.

  1. Organization

Vocab SIG is coordinated by a Coordinating Committee (CC) that consists of: a Convenor, a Treasurer, and a Communications Secretary. More committee posts might be added in the future depending on the work load, such as journal/website editor. All posts are elected for a (renewable) period of two years, and elections are normally held at the BAAL annual meeting, if the quorum of eight members is met, or online through email, if the number of members at the annual meeting is below eight. Please check section 6 for the detailed information of the nomination and election process of the committee members. The local organisor of the annual SIG will be part of the executive team for one year if s/he is not already part of committee.

  1. Responsibilities in the Coordinating Committee

The CC is responsible for facilitating and overseeing the activities of Vocab SIG (facilitating and publicizing Vocab SIG events; liaising with the local organizers of seminars; maintaining financial accounts; servicing business meetings, etc.). Vocab SIG is a SIG within BAAL: its activity must be broadly congruent with the BAAL constitution, and regardful of BAAL Guidelines on the organization of SIGs. The CC must submit:

  1. a) an Annual Report to the BAAL Secretary, the BAAL Newsletter Editor, and the BAAL Web-Editor by July 16th every year.
  2. b) a list of Vocab SIG members to the Membership Secretary on July 16th every year.
  3. c) a full, accurate and auditable financial statement to the BAAL SIGs Coordinator by July 16th every year.

The Coordinating Committee should also ensure that Vocab SIG activities are regularly publicized through the BAAL Newsletter, BAAL Website and baalmail.

  1. Nomination and Election of the Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee consists of the Convenor, Treasurer, and Communications Secretary. To be eligible to stand for a committee post, you will have to be a BAAL member. The nomination can be made by two current BAAL members. The election is conducted at the Annual General Meeting and shall be limited to the following terms:

  • the quorum for an AGM election is eight.
  • an online election through email vote will be conducted when the quorum is below eight. A minimum of eight email votes are necessary for the online election. Decision will be made based on the majority vote.
  • voting at General Meetings shall be by secret ballot. In the event of an equality of votes the Convenor may give a second or casting vote; the Convenor’s decision on the result of any vote shall be final.

The elected post has a 2-year term. Coordinating Committee members are eligible for re-election but the continuous tenure of any Officer shall be limited to the same terms listed above. If any Office falls vacant between Annual General Meetings, the remaining Officers can invite another Vocab SIG members to take up the vacant post for the period until the next General Meeting.

  1. Dissolution

In the event of the Vocab SIG ceasing to operate, any funds held will be paid back to BAAL.

  1. Amending the Vocab SIG Constitution

This constitution may be amended by majority vote on any quorate Annual General Meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed amendments are given to the Convenor in good time and then relayed to the membership at least fourteen days before the Meeting.