Election 2018

Currently, three positions (Convenor, Treasurer and Secretary) of the current Vocab SIG committee have come to the end of their second period of two years serving time. These three positions are therefore facing a new election.

We already have members who have expressed their interest in the three positions and we welcome any other expressions of interest. If you wish to stand for any of these positions, please post your name, the position you would like to apply and a brief description detailing what motivates you to apply for this position, why you should be elected and what you can bring to the Vocab SIG in your serving time to baalvocabsig@hotmail.com by 29th of June 2018.

The election will be conducted at this year’s Vocabulary SIG Annual Conference at UCL, London. You will need to be a BAAL member to be eligible to apply for any of the positions or to vote at the conference. Detailed information of BAAL Vocab SIG and its constitution can be found here at https://baalvocabsig.wordpress.com/about/vocabulary-sig-constitution/


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